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I Bought a New ThinkPad P14s

I鈥檓 a big ThinkPad lover, partly because I鈥檓 a nerd, and partly because of my wife鈥檚 experience as she heavily used a ThinkPad T43 when she was a teenager. We (mostly me) started collecting classic models about 2 years ago off kijiji, the most used flea market in Canada. I was albe to get a T61 and a X200 both in very good conditions. The T61 is a 32-bit machine, though, we are keeping it simply for nostalgia reasons; the X200, on the other hand, has been my fun little companion for the last two years....

February 8, 2021 路 3 min 路 Ewon

How I Got Into Computers Part II

First PC I assembled my first PC in the summer between middle school and high school. Prior to that summer, it was a pro-longed period we had to study for the high school entrance examination. A gaming PC was sort of my reward after years of hard work. The PC was built with budget in mind. In fact, I tried my very best to fit the most capable hardware within the budget....

February 4, 2021 路 6 min 路 Ewon

How I Got Into Computers Part I

In this (series of) blog post(s), I鈥檇 like to share how I got into computers, and tech, in general. More specifically, I will tell you a bunch of stories in a chronological order based on my memories. Some of these early childhood memories are quite blurry at this point, the details may or may not be accurate. I will try my best to put the context in place. That being...

January 27, 2021 路 3 min 路 Ewon

Building a Static Website Using Hugo

I鈥檝e had this idea of starting a blog a long time ago. However, due to my own laziness and inability to choose a hosting solution, it didn鈥檛 happen until this week. It is a long overdue project at this point but hey, better late than never. It鈥檚 been a while since I have actually written something, I lost the ability to write I will keep the focus of the first post to the rationale behind the technologies I chose to build this site....

January 13, 2021 路 4 min 路 Ewon